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Public sector workers 'may not fill' private sector vacancies

Public sector workers 'may not fill' private sector vacancies

Those looking for paid work experience in the UK may be encouraged by the views of one recruitment expert, who said some of those losing jobs in the public sector will not have the skills to fill roles in private firms.

Chairman of the Recruitment Society Steve Huxham said redundancies caused by government cutbacks will see many people lose their jobs, but only those with "transferable" aptitudes will be able to easily find work elsewhere.

Those who only have skills suited to the public sector may find they cannot do the things that private employers want, he noted.

Explaining the comparative prospects for various groups of public employees, he stated: "I think it is the difference between people who transfer those skills and people who have to retrain for something different."

Public sector employers announcing recent redundancies include Manchester City Council, which revealed earlier this month it will shed 2,000 jobs.

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