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Skills needed in UK IT sector

Skills needed in UK IT sector

Those looking for work experience in the UK may be in a very good position if they can offer employers good IT skills.

Website director at specialist IT recruiter Richard Nott said the last year has seen a growth in the number of vacancies in the industry, but lamented a lack of potential employees with the aptitude required to fill them.

"We just don't have enough people that have the right skill sets to fill the jobs that will come up," he remarked.

The need for more people with IT qualifications will grow as the sector continues to recover and advance, Mr Nott predicted.

And the longer-term prospects could be very healthy, according to the recent Technology Insights 2011 report from e-Skills UK.

It stated the rate of employment in the IT and telecoms industry is set to grow 2.19 per cent per year in the UK over the next decade, which will generate over half a million jobs.

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