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Immigration cap 'could see skills shortage in renewables sector'

Immigration cap 'could see skills shortage in renewables sector'

The renewable energy sector in the UK is thriving but the impending cap on skilled migrants coming into the country could see a shortage of qualified professionals to fill key roles.

That is according to Ben Cartland, associate at Acre Resources, who stated that competition for suitable candidates will become fierce among employers desperate to recruit talented individuals.

He predicted that the sector will expand from a manufacturing point of view but added that companies will be forced to hire people who have been involved in different sectors, as there will not be enough people with the correct renewables experience.

"The wider renewable sector is still buoyant, however with the cap on the number of highly-skilled migrant workers being accepted into the country, I foresee the competition for experienced technical talent intensifying," Mr Cartland added.

Meanwhile, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills this week announced £2.5 million funding for a new academy designed to help develop a highly skilled green workforce.

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