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First minister urges apprentice hire

First minister urges apprentice hire

Scottish National Party leader and first minister Alex Salmond has called on large and small busi-nesses north of the border to hire the 25,000 modern apprentices being created this year.

In a letter to the Federation of Small Businesses and 200 of the country's largest organisations, he highlighted the various economic benefits apprentices can bring.

The apprenticeships being created are part of a £34.5 million package of support for extra employ-ment, training and college places outlined in last week's budget.

Mr Salmond said that investing in young people is necessary for their own personal development and to benefit the economy.

"Together we will ensure that all young Scots can access the employment, education and training they need to find lasting, sustainable work. We will not allow our young people to become another lost generation," he added.

The FSB recently called on Westminster to do more to help small firms create apprenticeships and give people the chance to develop successful careers.

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