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Increasing numbers of jobs 'have a green element to them'

Increasing numbers of jobs 'have a green element to them'

The number of purely green jobs is not increasing at a particularly high rate, however, more and more positions have an environmental slant to them, it has been claimed.

Ian Byrne, deputy director at NEF, said that many tradesmen are finding that eco-friendliness is something they must be aware of and bear in mind when carrying out certain projects.

"As environmental issues - especially measures to move and improve the take up of sustainable energy - become more mainstream, many jobs not previously thought of as being 'green such as plumbers, electricians and builders are increasingly requiring more environmental skills," he stated.

Those keen to boost their employment prospects can take various practical courses which will equip them with the skills needed to seek a career in the renewable energy sector, Mr Byrne went on to say.

Nick Medic, head of communications at RenewableUK, said that more must be done to encourage young people to consider training for green careers and drive the UK's energy efficient future.

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