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Welfare to Work programme 'will keep people in jobs'

Welfare to Work programme 'will keep people in jobs'

People may be able to find work in London more easily through the Welfare to Work scheme, after one industry commentator said it will enable more individuals to receive employment support.

Kirsty McHugh, chief executive of the Employment Related Services Association, which represents Welfare to Work providers, stated that the initiative is being backed by private, public and third-sector organisations.

"We know that good-quality, personalised support for these people really will help them to get back into work," she explained.

According to Ms McHugh, unemployed people could receive job mentoring and interview training as part of the process, while providers will be paid when they are able to secure vacancies for their candidates.

However, she added, those on benefits could risk having their payments taken away if they take part in the scheme, but refuse jobs that are on offer.

Last week, public affairs manager at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Anna Wallace told People Management that long-term unemployed "are being under-utilised".

Posted by Chris Seel

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