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Report highlights quality of research at UK universities

Report highlights quality of research at UK universities

Students undergoing university preparation this summer may be interested to learn that a number of academic institutions have been highlighted in a new report for their innovative research.

The Big Ideas for the Future study, released by Research Councils UK and Universities UK, showed some of the more interesting projects currently being completed across the country.

These include the development of a virtual boxing program to aid fitness in middle-aged men - led by Teesside scientists - and a new microscope technique by experts at the University of Manchester that has achieved record resolution levels for bacteria examination.

Professor Lord Robert Winston provided a foreword for the report, stating: "Universities are the seeding grounds for developing our talented young people and provide a world-class environment which nurtures young scientists and physicians."

MP Elizabeth Truss recently claimed that pupils are being mis-sold "low-quality" subjects at A-Level, such as film studies, which could hamper them when trying to apply for the top higher education facilities.

Posted by Keith Broomer

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