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Volunteering 'can benefit young people'

Volunteering 'can benefit young people'

Young people who have become disengaged from education could develop their aspirations by volunteering, it has been said.

Becci Newton, senior research fellow at the Institute for Employment Studies (IES), explained that there are some people who leave school without many qualifications because they did not see the value in education.

In her experience, it is these youngsters who respond well to structured learning through volunteering programmes, through which they can then gain academic awards.

"As a result of [volunteering], we found that there was quite a high likelihood that they would continue onto further education and training; some of them would take a higher qualification or look at access courses for universities," Ms Newton said.

The IES recently released its Volunteering: Supporting Transitions report, which indicated that signing up for volunteering schemes can help young people develop skills and contacts which can improve their chances of finding paid employment.

Posted by Chris Seel

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