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Gap year work experience 'can help people make informed career choices'

Gap year work experience 'can help people make informed career choices'

Those unsure about what line of work they would like to go into could try some work experience in London to help them decide.

That is according to the Institute of Employment Studies (IES), which said that research shows that many of those on volunteering programmes come out with a more engaged attitude and feel like they are heading in the right direction.

Becci Newton, senior research fellow at the IES and co-author of its Volunteering: del spaceSupporting Transitions report, explained that, whether a year out happens abroad or in the UK, it is important to ensure it involves some gaining of skills.

"[Volunteering] can benefit the organisation or the people for whom they are volunteering, but also give them great reassurance that they are making the right choice and that the investment that they are making in their education will be worthwhile," she added.

The IES study also discovered that volunteering can also be a chance for young people seeking work experience to interact with their age group and create links which may be useful later in their career.

Posted by Chris Seel

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