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Universities plan to recruit more international students

Universities plan to recruit more international students

Nearly a quarter of universities, including Cambridge, plan to recruit more international students for the coming academic year, according to research in The Sunday Telegraph. 

Out of 26 institutions which responded to a survey, six were budgeting for fewer British and EU students, or the same number as last year, while at the same time planning to offer places to more students from outside the EU. 

Cambridge disclosed that it will make 2,991 offers to A-level students for 2011/12 compared with 3,180 in the current academic year. The institution proposes offering 62 extra places to international students bringing its total to 907. 

Another university which took part in the survey, Goldsmith's, plans to matriculate 46 extra foreign students while the number of home places will remain static at 1,450. Bangor in north Wales predicted it would recruit the same level of overseas students year-on-year but home places would fall by 120. 

The number of home student places at each English institution is set by the Higher Education Funding Council. Universities that recruit too many students face steep fines, with penalties of £8.1 million imposed in 2010. 

Posted by Caroline Fox

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