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UCAS helplines 'will allow students access to a wealth of information'

UCAS helplines 'will allow students access to a wealth of information'

Those concentrating on their UK university entry can take advantage of two helplines launched by Ucas which are designed to make their lives easier when it comes to entering higher education.

Sophie Chamings, press officer for the Exam Results Helpline at Ucas, said that the Customer Service Unit number and Exam Results line will provide very different but important services for existing and prospective students.

The first is open 365 days a year and will offer help on specific grades and clearing spaces, while the latter will focus on assisting those who fail to achieve the grades they hoped for and what their options are.

Ms Chamings said that the services could prove vital for those preparing for UK university entry.

"The helpline opens to support existing channels of information and advice, providing a lifeline to students at such a critical time. The remit of advice provided includes skills, employment, Confirmation and Clearing, qualifications, vocational learning, gap years, re-sits and subject choices but it’s about looking at the best option for each individual student."

According to research by the Complete University Guide, Canterbury, Bath and Lancaster are the safest cities for university students.

Posted by Keith Broomer

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