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Internships 'are a good alternative to university'

Internships 'are a good alternative to university'

University is not the most suitable path for everyone and those who find themselves in this situation have plenty of options open to them in terms of alternatives.

That is according to Steve Burford, founder of, who stated that some will be put off by the increase in tuition fees many institutions have implemented.

However, increasing numbers of young people are coming to the realisation that there are plenty of paths for them to follow, including internships.

"More and more students are looking at other options such as internships, travelling or starting their own business. It simply isn't worth going to university to study something that may not help your career," Mr Burford added.

For those intent on going to university, the expert suggested it is a good idea to work for six months or find employment during the course to make the financial burden a little easier.

According to research from HSBC, ten per cent of parents will not contribute to the cost of their child's university education following news that fees will treble from next year.

Posted by Caroline Fox

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