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Govt urged to invest in green jobs

Govt urged to invest in green jobs

The government is being urged to invest time and resources into addressing the UK's skills shortage when it comes to green jobs.

That is according to a spokeswoman for the Centre for Alternative Technology, who stated that more money is needed to help businesses create positions in this area.

"Resources need to be made available to those already in the workforce and to higher education institutions to finance the up-skilling of the workforce," the representative said.

She added that the government should forge research partnerships with regional development agencies, trade unions and employers to improve the situation still further.

The spokeswoman pointed out that to become a domestic green engineer can set people back as much as £8,000 for a six-week course and it is vital steps are taken to ensure people are not left out of pocket.

David Shelton, engineering and manufacturing recruitment director at Core Talent Recruitment, said recently that the coalition deserves credit for the work it has already done in addressing skills gaps in the UK.

Posted by Jacqui Fox

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