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Businesses 'can boast about work experience placements'

Businesses 'can boast about work experience placements'

Businesses that offer work experience to young people can boast about the fact they are putting something back into the community, it has been claimed.

Denise Taylor, career psychologist with, said that such opportunities allow them to give those taking their first steps in the world of work advice on the skills they will need to be a success.

As a result, companies who get involved in such arrangements can mention the fact that they do this on their website and boost their standing in the eyes of consumers by doing so.

Ms Taylor went on to discuss the benefits of taking on interns, stating: "If you have an intern working for nothing for three months or for pocket money, then you've got a really long interview. And out of them, you can pick out the ones you actually want to offer a job to."

Gordon Frazer, UK managing director at Microsoft, told Computer Weekly recently that interns can bring fresh ideas to the table.

Posted by Beth O'Shea

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