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Intern 'loves' investment bank internship

Intern 'loves' investment bank internship

Despite the long days, one young girl on an internship at an investment bank has claimed she is thrilled with the opportunity she has been given.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, 20-year-old Tabatha said that her bosses are fair and have given her time off if she has had to work beyond the hours she is supposed to.

In addition, she finds the work varied and interesting, with her superiors taking the time to show her the mechanics of the organisation and how everything works.

"To be honest, I absolutely love it. It's a hell of a lot of very intelligent people and it's an amazing experience to be part of that, whatever the hours are," Tabatha told the newspaper.

Laura Hutton, a second-year game art design student at De Montford University, said recently that she is delighted to have secured a six-month internship in India working at games developer Ubisoft.

Posted by Beth O'Shea

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