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Businesses 'think highly of apprenticeships'

Businesses 'think highly of apprenticeships'

Apprenticeships are highly thought of in the business world, according to one industry figure.

Denise Taylor, career psychologist with, stated that commercial organisations are in favour of such schemes because people are acquiring the skills they will need to forge a successful career in whatever field it is they are working in.

She stated that those who are employed in a certain sector could use their spare time to gain work experience in an area that suits them, so that when they go for an interview they can demonstrate to a potential employer the fact that they have taken the time to gather practical experience.

"I think they are highly thought of because people are gaining the skills that are required for the job," Ms Taylor added.

Chris Jones, chief executive officer at City and Guilds, said recently that young people do not need to go to university to get ahead in life, with plenty of people becoming successful through practical training.

Posted by Caroline Fox

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