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Ex-offenders to be included in the work programme

Ex-offenders to be included in the work programme

The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has announced that the Work Programme is going to be extended to ex-offenders as part of the Government's response to the riots. 

The Employment Related Services Association (ERSA) played a key role in helping to facilitate conversations between the relevant government agencies and welfare to work providers to advise them on the development of this policy. 

This included consultation with all of the Work Programme prime contractors and specialist sub-contractors who have experience working with this customer group. 

Mr Nick Clegg said: “From March 2012 every offender who leaves prison won't just be allowed to drift back to their old life; won't just be able to drift into life of worklessness and yet more repeat crime only to turn up in the same prison having been sentenced for an even more serious offence. 

“They will be met at the prison gates by providers in the Work Programme who will make sure that those offenders as they leave prison will be put through a tough process so that they find work and stay on the straight and narrow.” 

Twin Employment & Training is a subcontractor to three major providers in the Work Programme. 

Posted by Caroline Fox

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