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UK university entry 'should be easier next year'

UK university entry 'should be easier next year'

Many school leavers who found their bid for UK university entry has been unsuccessful this year should find it easier in 2012.

That is according to Janette Willis, a senior editor at the Good Schools Guide, who stated that the increase in tuition fees which comes into effect in 2013 meant there was a huge rush to secure a place this year.

However, with the cost of UK university entry going up, fewer people are likely to apply, meaning there is a good chance unsuccessful applicants this time around will have better look in the next cycle.

"The good news is that next year, it will probably be easier but the tuition fees will be so much higher. The effect of the increase in tuition fees is unknown," Ms Willis added.

According to Clearing Update figures published by Ucas, 61,737 applicants are awaiting a decision as to whether they have successfully gained a place at university or not.

Posted by Keith Broomer

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