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Entrepreneur warns of risk of lost generation

Entrepreneur warns of risk of lost generation

Former Dragon's Den star Doug Richard has said it is vital that a generation of young people are not lost due to a lack of investment in their development.

The entrepreneur made the claim after giving his backing to The Prince's Trust's fund-raising bid to help give young people struggling in the aftermath of the recession the chance to forge a successful career for themselves.

He stated that without adequate investment, a whole generation could be lost and this could have catastrophic consequences for years to come.

"We must invest in this young talent - or risk losing some of the most successful and inspiring entrepreneurs of the future. So many young people are exceptionally enterprising but are all too often viewed negatively," Mr Richard added.

A study by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development recently found that employers are frustrated by a lack of basic skills in school leavers and are reluctant to take them on as a result.

Posted by Beth O'Shea

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