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Business leader calls for apprenticeships help

Business leader calls for apprenticeships help

Action needs to be taken to get rid of some of the misconceptions that businesses have regarding apprenticeships, it has been claimed.

According to John Mowbray, president of the North East Chamber of Commerce, many commercial organisations lack knowledge with regards to how much such schemes cost to implement.

While more and more companies in the region are doing their bit to help young people by offering apprenticeship opportunities, there are those which are still sceptical about the value of these placements.

"Key misconceptions around the wide ranging apprenticeships on offer and how much they cost need to be debunked so we can build on the skills capacity of the North East workforce and create more jobs," Mr Mowbray added.

The Learning a Living report from Working Links revealed that 80 per cent of employers see apprenticeships as one of the most effective tools for reducing youth unemployment in the UK.

Posted by Beth O'Shea

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