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Young people 'should consider entrepreneurial opportunities'

Young people 'should consider entrepreneurial opportunities'

Young people in the UK, including those hoping to find work in London, should consider entrepreneurial opportunities while they are unemployed, one expert has suggested.

Denise Taylor, a career psychologist for, explained having a gap on a person's CV while they look for employment will look better if they work for themselves during this period.

She said: "Firstly, you're going to learn how to sell because again, I think in all sorts of jobs, you need to be able to persuade and influence and it's really good to show an employer."

Meanwhile, Ms Taylor advised what may seem a temporary measure until full-time employment is found could end up being a permanent career and a serious business venture.

Jason Borg, student engagement officer at, recently suggested missing out on a place at a university can often be a blessing in disguise, as it could encourage young people to take up a vocational apprenticeship or even set up their own business.

Posted by Colin Spicer

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