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Engineering graduates 'struggling to find jobs'

Engineering graduates 'struggling to find jobs'

Fewer than half of graduates with an engineering degree secure a job in the field within six months of leaving university, new research has found.

According to the British Educational Research Association (Bera), 20 per cent of this group take jobs in sectors not related to their degree, while nearly one-quarter work in industries that do not require applicants to have a higher education qualification.

Emma Smith, who presented the findings at the Bera annual conference, said: "It is astonishing, in the light of claims of science graduate shortages, that so few new graduates go into related employment."

She suggested that there seem to be too many people studying science and engineering courses for the jobs market to accommodate them all, with another possibility being that many graduates are not up to the expected standard.

Data from the Office for National Statistics recently revealed that one in five graduates earns less than those who were educated to A-level.

Posted by Keith Broomer

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