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Student highlights importance of internships

Student highlights importance of internships

A Computer Science student currently doing work experience in the UK with Microsoft has revealed how his internship is benefiting him.

Speaking to blogger Cliff Saran, Sergiy Okhotnytsky said that spending time with the Bing team as part of his degree has given him real-world experience.

He stated that it has been very different to the time spent in university and has benefited from working on commercial projects.

"The main difference is that I'm working on real products that are used by millions of people. We've launched a new feature yesterday and I can see it today – it's very rewarding and driving," Mr Okhotnytsky added.

Phil Booth, director of UK operations at OfficeTeam, said recently that work experience is essential for graduates looking to secure a full-time position.

He stated that employers must do all they can to provide opportunities for young people to ensure there is not a lost generation of talent.

Posted by Beth O'Shea

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