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Twin Leonardo da Vinci programme featured in Guardian

Twin Leonardo da Vinci programme featured in Guardian

Leonardo da Vinci programme participant Sarah Williams has written in the Guardian about her experience of doing a placement organised by Twin Group. 

Writing in the Careers Blog section of the Guardian website, Sarah describes how she applied through Twin Group to take part in the project and talks about her first impressions of her placement. 

The Leonardo da Vinci programme is an EU-funded project which aims to foster greater working mobility throughout Europe, and increase cultural understanding between member states as a result. 

The programme pays for participants’ flights and accommodation in another EU country as well as providing a small allowance towards living expenses for their time in the country. 

Sarah is doing a 9-week work experience placement at an independent publishing house in Bordeaux. 

She commented on her first few days: “My supervisor proposes that during my two months at the company, I help organise such events and also work alongside the editors to experience all aspects of production. It remains to be seen just how tricky a lesson on photoshop (hieroglyphics at the best of times) conducted in French will be, but the nature of the work outlined is certainly appealing. Above all, I know that the next eight weeks will give my language skills a thorough workout. Ba oui, I'll be French in no time.” 

To find out more about the programme and to apply for a placement similar to Sarah’s, visit Twin’s Leonardo da Vinci website

Posted by Nick Tellwright

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