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English UK demands retraction from government

English UK demands retraction from government

English UK members have instructed lawyers to demand a full retraction and apology for wrongly including them on a list of colleges "banned" from bringing international students into the UK.

The organisation, comprising 450 fully-accredited language centres, is co-ordinating the action by a number of its members who were named on a list of 66 "banned" colleges released to the media last week.

The colleges in question were described as being among 474 which have either had licences revoked, cannot sponsor any new students or have been banned following an investigation.

However, at least 22 of the schools are fully-accredited English UK members which took the business decision to voluntarily resign from the Register of Sponsors this autumn. Those schools meet high inspection standards and can still legitimately teach certain groups of international students.

"We are co-ordinating action over the way in which the Home Office allowed it to be inferred that all the colleges on that list were bogus, fronts for illegal immigration, or of poor educational quality. This has been enormously damaging to the reputation of perfectly legitimate and high-quality businesses," said Tony Millns, chief executive of English UK.

"Our affected members are initially asking the Home Office for a full retraction of this misleading information, and they may consider pursuing those parts of the media which published the list or stories based upon it as well.”

Posted by Keith Broomer

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