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China sends most international students to UK

China sends most international students to UK

China has topped the list of non-EU countries sending students to UK higher education institutions (HEIs) for the academic year 2010/11, according to new research.

Annual student data recorded by the Higher Education Statistics Agency shows China sent 67,325 students to UK HEIs in 2010/11, up by 18% from their total for 2009/10.

The next largest non-EU exporter of students to the UK was India with 38,090, followed by Nigeria with 17,585.

The EU nation which sent the most students to the UK was Ireland, with 16,855, a 1.5% increase on the figures from the previous academic year.

The numbers reflect the trend seen in recent years of international students at UK HEIs from non-EU countries far outnumbering those coming from inside the EU. The total number of students from EU countries attending UK HEIs was 130,120, less than half the figure of 298,110 coming from non-EU nations.

Numerous anecdotal studies have found that International students from non-EU countries often feel studying in the UK will increase their social standing and job prospects when they return to their home nation.

To read the full set of data from the HESA, click here

Posted by Keith Broomer

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