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Twin Group welcome government report calling for more internships

Twin Group welcome government report calling for more internships

Twin Group have welcomed a government-backed report calling for undergraduates to be offered internship placements to boost their employability.

The ‘Review of Business-University Collaboration’ was set up by the coalition to examine the links between universities and businesses.

Sir Tim Wilson, author of the report, stated in his findings that "lack of work experience appears as a key barrier to young people, including graduates, finding employment".

Sally Mordarski from Twin Group’s Work and Volunteer Abroad (WAVA) department commented: “Twin Group have been helping young people gain work experience in the UK and abroad for a number of years, with a very strong record of subsequent permanent employment for our candidates.

"As the economic situation remains volatile, it is very important for young people to do everything they can to make themselves attractive to employers. Any measures the government or universities can take to increase access to internship placements can only benefit young jobseekers."

Ms Mordarski added: “One route that is growing in popularity among young graduates is doing an internship or work placement abroad. Increasing numbers of people are taking advantage of programmes like the European Union’s Leonardo da Vinci scheme, which offers funding to live and work abroad for a period of 2-10 weeks.”

To read the full text of Wilson Review click here

Posted by Caroline Fox

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