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WAVA answer Greenwich students' questions about internships

WAVA answer Greenwich students' questions about internships

WAVA were on hand at the Greenwich University Fresher’s Fair last week to talk to students about how internships in the UK or abroad could help their career.

As the number of students on many courses continues to rise year-on-year, graduates are reporting difficulty standing out from the crowd when applying for jobs after university.

The global economic slowdown has also exasperated the problem, with fewer jobs being created to apply for in the first place.

Given these pressing problems, many students were keen to ask the WAVA representatives at the fair how an internship or work experience placement could help them.

Research from the University of Hertfordshire shows that employers place equal, if not more, emphasis on work experience than degrees when hiring graduates.

Sally Mordarski, manager of WAVA said: “Anything students can do to boost their CV while they are still at university will help them find a job when they leave.

“Doing a work experience placement or an internship is a great way of showing potential employers that you are a highly motivated individual who has experience of life in the real world.”

Ms Mordarski added: “WAVA offer a high quality service to students or graduates by taking the time to find out what they are looking to achieve with their internship and then matching them to a company which can help them do so.

“We offer internships in a wide range of sectors from marketing to finance and everything inbetween.”

Posted by Caroline Fox

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