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Twin praised for Families Programme supply chain management

Twin praised for Families Programme supply chain management

Twin Employment & Training has been praised for its supportive relationship with supply chain partners in an assessment of contractors operating the government’s Families Programme.

The Merlin Standard (MS) is a compulsory assessment that all prime contractors of the Families Programme service have to undertake to ensure sustainable best practice within supply chain management.

The MS is built upon four fundamental and integrated principles; supply chain design, commitment, conduct and review.

These principles have been designed to examine key areas of the relationship between a prime contractor and its supply chain partners.

The assessment company, EMCQ Ltd, found that Twin were satisfactory in each of the key areas of the MS but particularly strong in its commitment to developing of strong values in its supply chain and in frequent contact with supply chain partner staff.

EMCQ assessor Rob Mottram said in his report: “Twin training has a clear commitment to the development of its supply chain management approach that encompasses its strong values.

“Supply chain partners of Twin share values and dedication to ensure that services delivered maintain business and commercial integrity.”

Mr Mottram added: “Interactions between Twin Training staff and supply chain partners are very positive and supportive.

“A friendly and flexible approach is complemented by regular and frequent contacts, which supply chain partners find very useful.”

Twin Employment & Training Managing Director Beth O’Shea welcomed the positive report, commenting: “The findings from the MS investigator are very welcome because they provide an objective benchmark for the success of our efforts in creating and managing a supply chain which will offer the best possible end product to Families Programme customers in the south west of England.

“I’m sure we will continue to build on the strengths identified in the report and look to improve our performance further in the areas identified as satisfactory.”

To find out more about the Merlin Standard, please click here

Posted by Caroline Fox

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