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Long term English could be the key to success for agents and students. Read on to find out why.

Why is Long Term English the most effective choice for agents and students?

Why is Long Term English the most effective choice for agents and students?

Learning English is becoming a necessity for career driven students worldwide. The only thing that seems to be changing is the length of time that people are studying for and the type of course that they are choosing. In the UK, Short Term General English is declining and people want more than just a quick fix. As well as improving students’ core English skills, studying long term English overseas is great for student integration and their overall satisfaction.

But how is Long Term English better than Short Term General English?

Nationality MixYour students will enjoy a great nationality mix

All students will benefit from having English lessons, but studying on a long term basis allows students to fully immerse themselves into the UK lifestyle. There is more opportunity for students to integrate with people from various nationalities and learn more about different cultures with students from all over the world. At our English school in London, we have hosted students from Guadeloupe, The Congo, Oman, Senegal and Taiwan to name just a few.

Value For MoneyYou can sell a course that is great value for money

Long Term English courses such as ours are sold in blocks of 20, 24 and 36 weeks offering great value for money for students, and an excellent commission opportunity for agents. Those studying for an extended period will have an end goal and time frame to work towards, a great selling point for international agents, especially as many long term courses are sold for one lump figure. The great thing for agents is that when the time frame and cost per course is broken down and compared to that of a standard General English course, students will see that they are actually saving money by studying for longer.

Long Term English 1Long Term English is a great for graduates and gap year students

For international graduates and gap year students, having a strong level of English is often essential for their career progression. These students are able to come to the UK to develop their language ability in order to apply for higher paid jobs in a variety of sectors. They create a number of opportunities for agents, as those wanting to spend their gap year developing their English in the UK may also want to carry out work experience. This is a great up-selling opportunity for agents and the perfect chance to earn extra commission.

ExamThis is the ideal course for students who are serious about improving their language ability

If you have a student who is not looking to take an English course just for pleasure and wants to see serious improvement in their language capabilities, this is the ideal course for them. Long term students will be able to see more progress and can set themselves more targets over a longer period of time. If students require a strong level of English for further work or study, Long Term English can be easily upsold with an exam preparation course such as IELTS or Cambridge for university entrances and senior roles.

Study GroupLong term stays offer more opportunity for students to integrate

In addition to English lessons, one great thing about learning a language abroad is the fact that students can immerse themselves into the country that they are staying in and practise their English in a real-life setting. Living and studying in a country for an extended period means that they can use what they have learned in class when they are shopping, sightseeing and socialising with friends. Day-to-day English practice for 20 weeks or more will help students to become more fluent and will allow them to develop their vocabulary. The words and phrases that people use in everyday life will start to become second nature and help students speak more fluently and accurately. Living with a homestay or with international students from other countries is also useful as this encourages students to speak in English. They become more familiar with aspects of language use and get a more sincere feel for the British culture and lifestyle.

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