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New Schools & Courses for Twin Summer Centres 2014

Twin Summer Centres – New Schools & Courses

Twin Summer Centres – New Schools & Courses

Summer 2014 promises a range of exciting, new opportunities from Twin, as we open four new summer schools and launch two new English courses; English Plus Standard Activities and English Plus Musical Theatre. Our packages are all-inclusive and guarantee our students unforgettable experiences, consisting of English language tuition, sports, social activities and excursions.

New Centres

Our four exciting new summer centres offer a great variety of opportunities for students looking to improve their English but also enjoy themselves and make the most of their stay in the UK. The packages available at all of the new colleges include full board accommodation, a general English course, (15 hours per week), an end of course certificate and a variety of exciting excursions to provide you with an all-encompassing experience of the UK.

Crowthorne02Crowthorne Centre – Wellington College & Eagle House

At Crowthorne, students are able to enjoy the famously beautiful and peaceful English countryside, while also having the opportunity to explore London, England’s exciting capital, located just an hour away. Excursions include visiting Winchester Cathedral and a trip to London with a cruise on the River Thames. Our English Plus Football Programme is also available at this centre, which gives passionate footballers the opportunity to train with professional coaches from Tottenham Hotspur Foundation.



Ipswich Centre – Royal Hospital School

The Ipswich Centre offers students a relaxed stay in a picturesque English town, while still only being an hour away from buzzing central London. As part of the package, students will get to experience relaxed trips around Ipswich and Colchester, and a day in London including dinner at the famous Planet Hollywood.



 London – Carshalton College Centre


Unlike Crowthorne and Ipswich, Carshalton is located just 20 minutes from central London, so is ideal for students who are looking to spend more time in the capital; a bus pass is included in the package fee as are five full day walking tours of London, so you won’t miss a thing the city has to offer. Also included are visits to some of London’s world famous museums, and day trips to Brighton and Cambridge. Our new English Plus Musical Theatre Programme is available at this centre for those with a passion for performing arts. Out of the four new centres, Carshalton is the only centre with homestay accommodation as opposed to residential accommodation, (click here for more information on accommodation), so if you’re looking to really immerse yourself in British culture, by essentially becoming part of a British family, this option may be best for you.


Tooting02London – Tooting Centre

Our Tooting Centre is the closest out of our four new centres to central London, so is the perfect option for students wishing to spend as much time as possible in the heart of the city. Included excursions are very similar to those provided at Carshalton, so you’ll get to experience everything that London has to offer, from museums to a cruise on the River Thames, as well as the opportunity to take in the beautiful scenery in Cambridge. At Tooting, students stay in residential accommodation, (as opposed to homestay accommodation at Carshalton), so is ideal for those seeking slightly more independence during their time in the UK.

New Courses

Due to the success of Twin’s English Plus Football and English Plus Tennis courses, Twin is excited to launch two brand new English courses, which provide unique experiences that allow students to make their time in the UK as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible.

English Plus Discover London

The English Plus Discover Programme is available at all four of our London centres and allows students to make the most of their time in London.

The "Discover London" Programme alternates between full days in English classes, and full days on excursions into London. This makes trips into London more enjoyable for as they can be conducted at a more relaxed pace and students can be given more free time to explore, allowing them to make the most of their time in London. The additional time also allows students to see more of the top sites in London, including; Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street, Shakespeare’s Globe, Trafalgar Square, the British Museum and Hyde Park.

English Plus Musical Theatre

Due to the increased popularity in the field of performing arts, Twin is launching The English Plus Musical Theatre Programme in partnership with City Academy, which is available at our Guildford and Carshalton Centres. City Academy specialises in singing, dancing, acting, musical theatre, comedy, photography, filmmaking, writing and life skills, and all of their tutors are working professionals within the TV, film or theatre industries, ensuring our students have the highest possible standard of tuition. The programme combines English tuition in the mornings with performing arts sessions in the afternoons, allowing students to improve their English while embracing their passion for performing arts.

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