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Twin Training becomes Tier 5 sponsor

Twin Training awarded with innovative Tier 5 licence

Twin Training awarded with innovative Tier 5 licence

Twin Training International has recently been awarded with a Tier 5 licence to recruit talented non-EU students for paid internships with UK engineering companies.

This brand new licence, granted in September 2014, is a unique opportunity as Twin are currently the only language school in the UK who can issue a Tier 5 GAE (Government Authorised Exchange) Certificate of Sponsorship to students, a vital part of their application for a Tier 5 Visa.

With this licence Twin can now place international students on internships in the engineering and manufacturing industry lasting up to 12 months.

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Joe Sayer, HR Manager at Twin said, “For UK manufacturers, the scheme will bring an injection of both cultural awareness and language ability from students with academic qualifications relevant to engineering industries. It should also send overseas graduates home with an appreciation of UK manufacturing and culture, encouraging future UK exports.”

“For the students, the scheme offers them the chance to experience UK manufacturing business expertise, polish their language skills in a direct immersion environment, help place their academic learning in a true business and make a unique contribution to the businesses which participate,” said Sayer.

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The licence was a result of close work between Twin and two key government departments, the Department for Business and Skills and the Home Office.

Caroline Fox, CEO of Twin, expressed her appreciation of the inputs from the departments.

She said, “We’ve been grateful for the opportunity to provide the reassurances needed by UKBA as to the nature of our scheme – the short term introduction of overseas cultural and language perspectives to UK exporters – and for the enthusiasm and responsiveness of the Department for Business and Skills in supporting schemes that will benefit those exporters.  To us, it seems a great example of large government departments working together.”

“It’s taken us some time to get to this point – Tier 5 schemes are approved only after careful evaluation.  We believe that the completeness of our scheme, leveraging expertise and services from within the Twin group, was key to this award.”

“We look forward to delivering a ‘Twin win win’ experience for companies and students alike,” said Fox.

This new scheme complements a broad range of internship offerings at Twin including general internships, professional internships and global work and volunteer programmes.

The licence enables Twin to offer quality internships to non-EU students, meaning that all students will be offered a full-range of cultural, educational and career options.

By Alisssa Johnson


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