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Work experience students to benefit from minimum wage increase

UK Work Experience just became even more attractive

UK Work Experience just became even more attractive

What’s new? Even better “UK minimum wage” has now arrived

As many young people, particularly in Europe, are struggling to find a job, yet keen to develop their career, a UK work experience placement within our Hospitality Training Programme has now become even more attractive. The UK minimum wage has now increased to £7.20, which at the current rate of €1.26/£1.00 makes it the equivalent of more than €9.00, one of the highest in Europe.

Coffee Bar WorkersSome good things don’t change

Some great things about UK work experience don’t change, of course. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in the home of the English language, with an accent that’s understood as globally as the language itself. Research shows that – almost anywhere in the world – non-native English speakers who have a good command of English have more well-paid careers than those who don’t; what better reason to learn?

A great time to start a UK Work Experience placement

If you’re thinking of longer term work experience, not dependent on school holiday periods, now’s a great time to come – spring is here, the days are longer, the weather is trending well and the UK hospitality sector is moving towards its busiest times.

WaiterCity culture or country life?

Why not look around our site and see if there’s an experience that’s right for you? It could be in London, perhaps the world’s most cosmopolitan city – with more than 300 languages reportedly spoken, almost no-one should feel out of place there. Alternatively have your programme in the English countryside – or “England’s green and pleasant land” according to an old song, in a provincial hotel.

Combine experience with accelerated English

Do you feel your English is not yet good enough for UK work experience? If so, look at our English Plus+ Paid Work Experience in London programme– paid work in a range of sectors beyond hospitality. Whichever Programme you choose, you can continually improve your English in a real life setting, whilst earning some money to pay for your stay – or even take some back home!

Work experience is just part of the Twin package

If you choose a Twin work experience programme, you will benefit from our “responsible matching” service and much more – why not take a look and contact us if you need to know more?

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