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A group of students from Poland participate in the Leonardo da Vinci VETPRO project

Polish students participate in the Leonardo da Vinci VETPRO project with Twin Group

Polish students participate in the Leonardo da Vinci VETPRO project with Twin Group

High School Complex no 2 in Brzesko once again participated in the project LdV  VETPRO – an exchange of experiences – a chance for success. This time the aim of the project was to get acquainted with an English education system. The participants included teachers of vocational subjects, a teacher of English and representatives of a County Office.

20 participants attended pedagogical, cultural and linguistic all-in-one workshops as a preparation for the trip.

During a two week stay in London, from 2nd to 9th February, the participants attended courses aiming at exchange of experiences and acquiring knowledge concerning teaching methods, innovation and entrepreneurship in vocational education. The workshops were organized by Twin Group on its premises. Among the issues raised were differences between English and Polish education systems, career pathways in teaching and cultural differences. Moreover, the meetings between the participants and the teachers who conduct courses were organized.

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The participants of the project also took part in the activities which took place in M.I.T. Skills Vocational School. It was possible to see the school educational facilities, meet the teachers and observe the classes preparing young people for working in their profession.

The discussions with the school staff enabled a deep insight into the English education system and into the problems faced by those schools. What is more, they made it possible to understand similarities and differences between the Polish and English education. During those discussions the teachers and the trainers demonstrated different forms of motivation for work. The participants of the project also had the opportunity to get acquainted with an English system of supporting special educational needs students.

During the meetings High School Complex no 2 and the County Office in Brzesko presented the Polish education system. An additional, but also important aspect of the trip was the experience related to improving linguistic skills and raising cultural awareness. A one-week stay is not enough to tour the whole London and get well-acquainted with the English culture but the participants seized every opportunity to admire the capital of Great Britain and to participate in the life of this international metropolis. The fact that all of them stayed with British host families made it possible for them to experience real everyday life of the English.

After a return to Poland the teachers created information brochure about the English education system, which has been sent to other vocational schools. Besides, the materials concerning the supporting system have been compiled and used at a workshop for teachers. An interesting presentation promoting not only the project but also Twin Group and M.I.T. Skills have been published.

By Małgorzata Bielawska

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