Twin are now in Dublin!

We've spread our wings across the Irish sea to offer work experience programs and open a new English centre

Twin has arrived in Dublin

Twin has arrived in Dublin


After more than 20 years of teaching English in the UK and finding international students internships in UK companies, we’ve extended our high quality services into Ireland – setting up shop in the unique and beautiful city of Dublin.   

Exciting new work experience adventures in Ireland

Our Ireland internships are a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to get started in their chosen industry. Ireland offers a booming economy with a wide range of industries, from the Alcoholic Beverage industry to Finance, Software and IT, Technology and more. Because we also offer work experience opportunities in the retail and hospitality sectors, we are able to give our students an excellent introduction to the work environment, whether they have been to university or not. 

Whatever the academic level of the students we have in Ireland, their stay in a new country will encourage them to grow as independent and capable individuals while developing their English skills. Choosing Ireland for this experience means coming to a vibrant nation known for its welcoming attitude; students can develop in an encouraging and friendly environment.



Twin Chapterhouse Dublin – adding a third school to Twin’s portfolio

We’re excited announce a new addition to our English Centres: Twin Chapterhouse Dublin. Chapterhouse is a school situated right in centre of Dublin, only moments away from the famous Dublin Spire (said to be the official city centre).

Although Chapterhouse has existed as an English school since 2014, we have now partnered with the school to relaunch under the name Twin Chapterhouse Dublin. We’re incredibly enthusiastic about bringing our decades of knowledge and understanding to Ireland so we can help even more international students reach their language goals.

Whether students are visiting for a short break or intending to stay for an entire academic year, at Twin Chapterhouse we can accommodate their needs, providing them with excellent tuition in a truly wonderful city.

Just like our London and Eastbourne schools, our Dublin school lives up to Twin's high standards with: 

Students will be taught by highly enthusiastic expertly-trained, native speaking teachers in small groups, with individuals having come from all parts of the world. Students' accommodation will be located within easy reach of the school, and our friendly student support team will be there to help students at any point in during Irish adventure.


Why should your students come to Ireland and Dublin?


For an expansive culture


From some of the greatest literature in the western world, to exceptional fine arts, unique music and sporting excellence, visitors to Ireland can't help but find themselves immersed in the local culture. 

Famous for its welcoming and friendly people as well as its breathtaking
countryside, there are many reasons why Ireland is a brilliant place to visit, to live and to study English. Some of the best of what Ireland has to offer can be found in the beautiful capital city.


To have fun in a multicultural city


The world knows that Irish people love a good time. Once students have had their fill of art, music, theatre and literature, they can find a pub, bar, or club on virtually every street corner. 

Dublin is an ancient city, but make no mistake about it, Ireland's capital is more than keeping up with modern times, reflecting the picture of Ireland's multiculturalism as a whole. 

Ireland has the youngest population in the EU, and includes nationalities from all over the world, including  Polish, English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Nigerian, Romanian, Indian, Philippine, German, American, Chinese, Slovakian, French, Brazilian, Hungarian, Italian, Pakistani, Spanish, Czech, and South African communities. 

The Irish committment to modernity is perhaps best seen by its healthy economy, centered in Dublin. 


For a booming economy


The enthusiasm towards technology and science means that Ireland's economy is particularly strong in industry sectors including, technology, software and IT, finance and pharmaceuticals. Dublin even has its own tech hub, a European version of Sillicon Valley, called Sillicon Docks.  

Good industry growth has resulted in an accessible job market and excellent prospects for those wanting to live and work in the country.  


To make use of visa opportunities


And it's a simple process to live and work in Ireland! One reason Ireland is so popular among internationals from outside the EU is that the Irish study visa allows students to work alongside their studies.

If students are from a country within the EU then they will not require a visa to study in Ireland. But if they are from outside the EU, then they will need to obtain one. This is a simple process and Twin or Twin Chapterhouse will be able to support students with their application. 

One reason Ireland is so popular among internationals from outside the EU is that the Irish study visa allows students to work alongside their studies.

Here is a breakdown of visa basics: 

All in all, we are looking forward to our future in Ireland and helping students develop in a new environment full of opportunity for learning and enjoyment.

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