We moved! (Twice)

We've had schools in London and Eastbourne since the 1990s and early 2000s respectively. But it's only in the last couple of years that we've moved into our current premises.

We moved! (Twice)

We moved! (Twice)

We’re not sure if this is old news but some of our agents still don't know where our schools are, even though we never miss an opportunity to gloat about our wonderful premises!

Our London School and HQ moved from Lewisham to Greenwich in Spring 2015. The move was a milestone for us and a major upgrade to our facilities – just have a look at the pictures!

Housed in a modern and architecturally extravagant building, our school now has 20 fully air-conditioned classrooms, modern teaching equipment, a large social area, a self-study zone with computers and free Wi-Fi throughout.

On-site, students can think over their English lessons while lifting weights at the gym or taking a swim. Or they might prefer to dip into a book from the fully stocked library instead and push their English skills even further. But students will probably just want to relax over a coffee in the Café downstairs.

Situated in the historic borough of Greenwich, our London school is moments away from some of London’s most important landmarks, most of which have a nautical twist. The Cutty Sark, at one time one of the fastest vessels on the sea, stands proudly by the side of the Thames and is watched over by the Royal Observatory from the top of Greenwich Park. For recreation and relaxation students can seek out a charming market as well as a cinema, numerous eateries and several good-old-fashioned pubs.

A student could hardly want for anything more at our London School, but if all this sounds too hectic then our Eastbourne school is a safe bet for serenity, having moved in Spring 2017 to an elegant building in the centre of town and only 10 minutes’ walk from the beach. Seaside, a slow pace and provincial British culture welcome those who come to study in the town that is said to be the sunniest in all of the UK. 

In spite of the more laid-back and traditional surroundings, the teaching at our Eastbourne school is certainly modern. Just as with our London school, we aim to push our student’s abilities as far as we can while giving them a fulfilling experience and lasting memories.

Both our schools are open year round for a range of English courses.

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