What is employability

What is ‘employability’ and why do students want it?

Why are students struggling to get ahead after their studies?

What is ‘employability’ and why do students want it?

What is ‘employability’ and why do students want it?

Students are finding that their academic education is not enough to help them start a meaningful career; they just don't have what employers are looking for in this tough market.

This is highlighted by a report into European unemployment rates carried out by McKinsey in 2014. A survey of 5,300 young people, 2,600 employers and 700 post-secondary education providers across Europe revealed a failure in understanding between employers, education providers and young people.

Educators are not adequately preparing learners for what comes after their studies, and students are not able to get a foot in the door of a good career.

So what’s missing?

Employability skills.

Students need a particular set of skills to set them apart from the competition. Working collaboratively, giving presentations and motivating others are just some of the important skills that will help an applicant stand out from the many candidates searching for a job.

At Twin, we have developed several programmes to help students develop exactly these skills.

Global Career Skills

We have 3 courses in our Global Career Skills range: English with Employability, English with Business Simulations and Young Entrepreneur.

We've carefully designed two-week long courses to improve job-seeking skills, give experience of real work scenarios and develop entrepreneurial thinking and business awareness. For students wanting even more, our courses can be tailor made to suit students’ needs by adding additional English tuition, excursions and attractions, residential accommodation and even an internship placement!

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Career Skills and Alternanza Scuola Lavoro

Twin have been offering summer centre tuition for over 15 years. We now offer a Career Skills summer course to teach preparation for job applications, business skills and work-environment training over a two week course, incorporating activities and excursions.

For Italian students looking to work towards their Alternanza Scuola Lavoro hours, we offer a similarly designed two-week course on which students can contribute up to 42 hours of their ASL hours.

Find out more about our Career Skills and ASL summer courses

We don’t just offer an ASL course in the summer, students can take an ASL course with us all year round!

Our year round ASL offering is divided into 3 options:

Work Skills and Work Experience – a two week course incorporating business skills tuition and 25 – 35 hours of real work experience.

Work Skills and Work Experience in 1 week – A compact version of option 1 for those on a reduced budget with less time available. Tuition is in the mornings and work experience is undertaken in the afternoons.

Work Experience only – A 1 or 2 week programme includes a customer service internship.

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